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Senior lecturer in History and International Relations, Curtin University

Dr. Ben Rich is a senior lecturer in History and International Relations at Curtin University.

He is a co-director of the Curtin Extremism Research Network (CERN)


  • 2016–present
    Senior lecturer, Curtin University
  • 2021–present
    Co-director, Curtin Extremism Research Network (CERN)


  • 2016 
    Monash University, PhD


  • 2021
    Political extremism, conflict identities and the search for ontological security in contemporary established democracies, Academia Letters
  • 2019
    From Defense to Offense: Realist Shifts in Saudi Foreign Policy, Middle East Policy
  • 2018
    Authoritarian Reformism in Saudi Arabia, E-International Relations
  • 2017
    The Saudi State as an Identity Racketeer, Middle East Critique
  • 2017
    Securitising Identity: the case of the Saudi State, Melbourne University Press
  • 2016
    Foreign Fighters, Human Rights and Self-Determination in Syria and Iraq: Decoding the Humanitarian Impact of Foreign Fighters in Practice , International Community Law Review
  • 2015
    The Impact of Jihadist Foreign Fighters on Indigenous Secular-Nationalist Causes: Contrasting Chechnya and Syria, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism
  • 2012
    Gulf War 4.0: Iran, Saudi Arabia and the complexification of the Persian Gulf equation, Islam and Christian–Muslim Relations

Research Areas

  • International Relations (160607)
  • Political Theory And Political Philosophy (160609)
  • Political Science (1606)