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Associate professor, University of Canberra

Benedict is a highly qualified corporate law, CSR and regulatory specialist. He has published in top journals around the world and contributed to regulatory reform in both the national and international arenas.


  • 2016–present
    Associate professor, Head, Canberra Law School, University of Canberra
  • 2015–2015
    Chief executive officer, Software company
  • 2007–2014
    Senior lecturer, Graduate School of Business and Law, RMIT University
  • 2004–2007
    Lecturer, School of Law, University of Newcastle


  • 2010 
    Australian National University, Doctor of Philosophy, Law
  • 2004 
    University of Queensland, Master of Laws
  • 2002 
    McMaster University, Master of Arts
  • 1994 
    University of Windsor, Bachelor of Laws
  • 1989 
    Wilfrid Laurier University, Master of Arts
  • 1986 
    EPBC, Bachelor of Theology


  • 2015
    Defining CSR: Problems and Solutions, Journal of Business Ethics
  • 2015
    Designing Effective Regulation: A Positive Theory, UNSW Law Journal (vol 38:3)
  • 2015
    Designing Effective Regulation: A Normative Theory, UNSW Law Journal (vol 38:1)
  • 2015
    The Political Division of Regulatory Labour: A Legal Theory of Agency Selection., Oxford Journal of Legal Studies
  • 2014
    Anglo-American Directors Duties and CSR, Dalhousie Law Journal
  • 2012
    Re-thinking CSR: Private Self-Regulation” , Monash University Law Review
  • 2010
    Regulation by Markets and The Bradley Review of Australian Higher Education, Australian Universities Review
  • 2009
    Legal Control of the Private Military Corporation, Palgrave-Macmillan, Book with co-authors J. Maogoto and V. Newell
  • 2006
    Shareholders, Unicorns and Stilts: An Analysis of Shareholder Property Rights, 6 Journal of Corporate Law Studies 165-212.
  • 2006
    Corporate Militaries and States: Actors, Interactions and Reactions with V Newell, 41 Texas International Law Review 68-101
  • 2006
    Fundamentally Conflicting Views Of The Rule Of Law & Implications For the China-Australia Free Trade, Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business
  • 2005
    Scrooge–The Reluctant Stakeholder: Theoretical Problems in The Shareholder-Stakeholder Debate, 14 (1) University of Miami Business Law Review 193-241.
  • 2004
    Corporations And Social Costs: The Wal-Mart Case Study, 24(1) Journal of Law & Commerce 1-55
  • 2004
    Australia’s Eggleston Principles In Takeover Law: Social And Economic Sense?, 17(2) Australian Journal of Corporate Law 218-223.

Professional Memberships

  • Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law

Research Areas

  • Law (1801)
  • Corporations And Associations Law (180109)
  • Commercial And Contract Law (180105)
  • Law And Society (180119)
  • Legal Theory, Jurisprudence And Legal Interpretation (180122)
  • Legal Practice, Lawyering And The Legal Profession (180121)