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Bethanie Carney Almroth

Associate Professor, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Gothenburg

Professor, researcher, ecotoxicology and zoophysiology


My research focuses on the environmental effects of plastics and plastic-associated chemicals, using different species of fish for study. I use biochemical and physiological methodologies to understand how exposure to microplastics, plastic additives, and environmental chemicals affect fish via different exposure routes. I am specifically interested in oxidative stress mechanisms and their importance following exposure to toxic substances. My research group is included in the environmental science focus area at the Dept of Biological and Environmental Sciences.

Other research projects in which I am involved address usage and spread of plastics in society and the environment, as well as consequences of exposure to plastics and associated chemicals.

• Weeding out the toxins from recycled plastics

• The plastic pollution challenge: a global social-ecological perspective

• Limnoplast

• Less Space for Plastic


• CeCar – The Center for Collective Action Research
I also work within CeCar, an interdisciplinary project aimed at solving environmental problems by inducing large-scale changes in society. Focus here lies in communication with the general public, industry, and policy makers and addressing problems associated with plastic consumption and possible paths towards mitigating problems.

• FRAM – Future Chemical Risk Assessment and Management Strategies
I also work with other experts within the FRAM project addressing risk assessment of chemicals and chemical mixtures used in plastic projects and relevant chemical legislation.


As an associate professor at the university, a portion of my time is dedicated to undergraduate and Master’s level courses. I am the course leader for an introductory course in the form and function of organisms as well as an interdisciplinary introductory course in environmental science. I also teach ecotoxicology with focus on physiological effects and biochemical toxicity. In addition, I teach a course for vocational teachers aiming to include issues of sustainable development into their programs.

I am also active as an advisor for PhD candidates and Master’s students, guiding them in their independent research projects. This research is often connected to ongoing research projects within my group.


  • 2020–present
    Professor , University of Gothenburg

Professional Memberships

  • The Scientists' Coalition for an Effective Plastics Treaty