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Professor of Psychology, Health and Medical University

I’m a cognitive and behavioral scientist with a background in psychology. My research investigates the computational and behavioral principles that support human learning, search, and decision making. I am particularly interested in how humans actively search for information or rewards, how they make causal inferences based on limited and noisy data, and the cognitive foundations of judgment and decision making. I like computational models of cognition, which I develop and test by running behavioral studies that span across a wide range of age groups. My work also provides several connections to applied research, for instance regarding the use of behavioral insights in policy making and how people understand and evaluate medical risks.

I’m a professor of cognitive and experimental psychology (Allgemeine Psychologie) at the Health and Medical University in Potsdam. In addition, I’m affiliated with the Max Planck Research Group iSearch at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and the Center for Empirical Research in Economics and Behavioral Sciences (CEREB) at the University of Erfurt.


  • 2020–present
    Professor, Health and Medical University Potsdam