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Associate Professor of Ageing, University of Melbourne, Director, National Ageing Research Institute, The University of Melbourne

Briony Dow has been with NARI since 2003. As a social worker, she has worked in a range of clinical settings, including local government, mental health, disability and rehabilitation.
In 1996, she established the home-based rehabilitation program at Ballarat Health Services and in 1999 she was awarded a MA based on an evaluation of that program. In 2003, she successfully completed her PhD, which investigated carer participation in home-based rehabilitation in Victoria.
At NARI she has managed a range of projects including, an evaluation of home-based rehabilitation, a review of carer literature and practice, an evaluation of the Southern Grampians Glenelg Rehabilitation Program, a pilot study investigating an information technology intervention amongst older rural carers, an evaluation of Alzheimer's Australia Vic's Memory Lane Caf?s, and the first phase of a study in best practice in person-centred care in Victorian health services. In 2006/07 Briony completed a 12-month secondment to the Department of Human Services in the sub-acute services area.

Research Areas

Health and community care policy and service development


Health and community service evaluation

Person-centred care

Healthy ageing

Depression in older people

Current Research Projects

IMPACCT - Improving Mood through Physical Activity for Carers and Care Recipients Trial.

Subacute Projects.

Council of Australian Governments Long Stay Older Patients (COAG -LSOP) Resource Implementation Toolkit Development.

Consumer information for community aged care services.

What is elder abuse?

Best Practice in Person Centred Health Care for Older Victorians 2008 - 2010.

Evaluation of Transition Care Cognitive Assessment and Management Program (TC CAMP) at Eastern Health.

Sleeping and falling in older people.

Development of a Healthy Ageing Quiz.

Development of Falls Strategy for Launceston General Hospital.

Depression scoping study.

Teaching Areas

Person-centred care

Service evaluation

Recent Publications

CYARTO, E., B. DOW, F. VRANTSIDIS, AND C. MEYER (in press). Promoting healthy ageing: Development of the Healthy Ageing Quiz. Australasian Journal on Ageing.

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  • –present
    Director - Health Promotion Division, Clinical Associate Professor at National Ageing Research Institute, University of Melbourne