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Lecturer, Monash University

I am passionate about educating our next generation of STEM graduates. In my current role, I develop and deliver innovative teaching programs to advance the discipline of ecology, science practice and communication. My education-focused research to date, examines student perceptions of teaching approaches in a core multidisciplinary science unit and approaches to improve key employability and communication skills in science graduates. My discipline specific research assesses the ecology and conservation of raptors within altered environments. In particular, identifying factors that influence occurrence, spatial distribution and persistence of raptor populations. By identifying the drivers and hazards for fauna within modified landscapes, we can aim to produce biologically resilient systems that can coexist alongside human populations. My research outputs have been disseminated at international and national levels, but also to relevant government stakeholders and the community.


  • 2014–2020
    Associate Lecturer, Monash University
  • 2020–2020
    Lecturer, Monash University