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Retired as Associate Consultant, Adapt Low Carbon Group, University of East Anglia

Dr Bruce Tofield was Associate Consultant at the Adapt Low Carbon Group at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK. He led The University of East Anglia's activity in the international Build with CaRe project (2008-2012; which stimulated innovation and learning about passivhaus construction in the East of England and made many advances in understanding and monitoring building performance. He authored two major evidence-base papers published in 2012, Refurbishing Europe (with Martin Ingham; and Delivering a low-energy building ( These identify barriers to energy efficiency and to low-energy construction and how to overcome them.

Bruce led outreach low-carbon innovation programmes for UEA from 2003. In the Civitas SMILE project (2005-9), he set up a new supply chain for sustainable biodiesel, demonstrating successful use of blends in commercial bus fleets and in heating oil, and worked with commercial partners to convert the first UK bus to make possible dual-fuel diesel-biomethane fuelling. Following this work, project partner Anglian Bus became the first bus company in the UK to operate biomethane powered buses. Previously he was Director of The Technology Centre, Johnson Matthey plc, and Head of Materials Physics and Metallurgy Division, Harwell. At Harwell he ran a pioneering EU-supported energy research programme from which came key materials to make possible the lithium batteries that are now powering the increasing numbers of electric vehicles in European cities.


  • 2008–2012
    Build with CaRe Team Leader, University of East Anglia


    University of Oxford, MA, DPhil