Bryan Beresford-Smith

Senior Research Engineer, University of Melbourne

Bryan Beresford-Smith is a senior researcher within the NICTA theme of Making Sense of Data. He is now working in the life sciences where he is applying his research and commercial experience in mathematics and computer science to bioinformatics and collaboration with biologists, especially in the field of genomics.

His research interests have included parallel algorithms and architectures, real-time systems, wireless networks and more recently bioinformatics and genomics. Of particular interest is the collaboration with biologists and the development of new techniques for in-silico genetic analysis in order to answer important biological and disease-related questions. One area of current focus is the processing of the enormous amounts of data from new high-throughput genome sequencing technologies in order to extract useful information.


  • –present
    Senior Research Engineer, NICTA


    Australian National University, PhD/Applied Mathematics/Colloid Science