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Senior research fellow, Marine Biological Association

Bryce is a marine ecologist and fisheries biologist whose work has ranged from temperate estuaries to tropical coral reefs and the deep-sea. The central thread in his research has been to gain an increased understanding of the factors regulating marine populations and communities so as to ensure their sustainable utilisation. His work on deep-sea fishes was among the first to demonstrate their extreme longevity, and on coral reefs he provided new evidence for mechanisms of community regulation of prey fish by predators. More recently his focus has been on how to improve the management of fisheries and marine conservation through the use of predictive recruitment models, marine protected areas and stock enhancement. Since 2016 he has been particularly involved with assessing the potential effects of EU-Exit (Brexit) on UK fisheries and the marine environment, working with a wide range of stakeholders and advisers.


  • 2024–present
    Research affiliate, University of York
  • 2024–present
    Associate professor, University of Plymouth
  • 2023–2024
    Reader, University of York
  • 2018–2023
    Senior lecturer, University of York
  • 2007–2018
    Lecturer, University of York


  • 1999 
    James Cook University, PhD / Marine Biology