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Candice C. Chikura

Programme Development Manager | Doctoral Scholar | Associate Lecturer in Law, University of Kent

Candice C. Mtwazi has worked as an Associate Lecturer in Law as well as focusing on African health systems and global development research. Her research interests revolve primary around gender studies related to HIV and the Law, Criminalisation of HIV, health rights and the Law, Sexual Minority Rights and Health Access, Health Economics, Social Determinants of Health; Health Inequalities; Gender Inequality, HIV/AIDS; HIV Key Populations and Gender-Based Violence. As an Associate Lecturer her expertise is in Criminal Law with further experience in EU Law, Constitutional Law, Contract Law, Human Rights Law and Tort Law .

She currently works as within the NGO sector raising awareness in as a Project Manager in an NGO supporting minority women fleeing various forms of abuse including domestic violence, honour based violence, FGM, forced marriage, human trafficking and sexual exploitation, with particular emphasis on the experiences of women and girls.This role also extends and intersects with issues of gender based violence, female-genital mutilation, forced marriage, honour based violence and asylum and migration. She has in depth knowledge and experience in capacity building and organisation development, having trained nationally and internationally within NGOs (such as the Red Cross), schools, law enforcement, health services, academic spaces and other governments (such as the Croatian Ministry of Interior) around gender abuse, human rights, litigation surrounding human trafficking, sexual exploitation and modern slavery.

She is in the final year of her doctoral studies at the University of Kent Law School. Her thesis focuses on the rhetorical constructions of sexuality and framing of HIV Key populations and sexual minorities in Zimbabwe. She is based in Canterbury Kent and in the East Midlands.


  • 2017–2018
    Regional Human Trafficking Training and Development Officer, Ashiana
  • 2014–2018
    Doctoral Scholar, University of Kent
  • 2014–2017
    Associate Lecturer in Law, University of Kent