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Full Professor, Universidad de Zaragoza

Carmen Elboj is a university professor in the department of psychology and sociology at the University of Zaragoza. She coordinates one of the research lines of the EDUCAVIVA Group of the University of Zaragoza, a group consolidated by the Government of Aragon since 2008. In addition, she is the editor of the International Journal of the Sociology of Education (RISE) of the Hipatia Press publishing house, indexed on the WEB OF SCIENCES.

She has experience in international research directing projects at a European level such as Secondary Education Schools and education in values: proposals for gender violence prevention within the DAPHNE PROGRAM II of the European Commission and the INTURPYR project. In addition to participating in different teams such as in the project: INCLUD-ED: Strategies for inclusion and social cohesion from education in Europe, an integrated project of the sixth framework program or the Erasmus + project KA2 New Adults Competences for Skills Revolution.

She has also participated in different projects of the National R + D + i Plan. Among them, the following projects stand out as the main researcher: MESTIPEN ROMÍ. Gypsy woman and associations in Spain. Challenges and contributions, project of the National R + D + i Plan or in the project the R + D + i project Mobility Strategies, Return and Transnational Practices among Romanian Roma Population of the National R + D + I Plan, Ministry of Science and Innovation as part of the team. This research activity has been complemented with stays at Harvard University (USA) in 2004, the University of Edinburgh (2013) and at the GMIT Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (Ireland) in 2017. Her main lines of research are framed in overcoming inequalities through education, gender, coexistence, cyberbullying and cultural groups. It has 3 CNEAI investigation sections.

With regard to transfer, Dr. Elboj has participated in numerous contracts and agreements with different institutions, including: Study of coexistence in educational centers in Aragon (Agreement with the Government of Aragon 2006 and its reply in 2017). She has also participated as an advisor and trainer in Communities in Spain and Latin America. Regarding the training of new researchers, the reading direction of 6 doctoral theses stands out, and she has directed the work of three FPI (Government of Aragón) contracts.

Her research activity has had an important impact in the form of publications that are transcribed in more than 50 articles, of which 14 are indexed in JCR. Among them, we can highlight three articles indexed in first quartile JCR journals: "Relations with the educational community and transformative beliefs against gender-based violence as preventive factors of sexual violence in Secondary Education." in Journal of Interpersonal Violence or the articles “Clara, From the Ghetto to the European Parliament” and “Exclusionary and Transformative Dimensions Communicative Analysis Enhancing Solidarity Among Women to Overcome Gender Violence” in Qualitative Inquiry.

Currently, she is the deputy director of the Department of Psychology and Sociology of the University of Zaragoza and has been part of the Commission for the preparation of the report for the creation of the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Zaragoza that was approved by the Government of Aragon in May 2020.