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Honorary Professor, College of Sport & Exercise Science, Victoria University

Professor Caroline Symons is an honorary professor in sport at VU.

Caroline is an authority in the area of gender, sexuality and sport studies and has been a recipient of a number of research awards in this field including the national sport history prize for her book, The Gay Games: A history (2011) and as the lead researcher on Come Out To Play: the sporting experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Victorians, which won the 2010 Vichealth Professor David Hill award for knowledge and translation.

She has also researched teenage girls, sport and physical activity, women in sport more broadly and written extensively on the history and progress of LGBTIQ sports people. Her most current research concerns the sports and physical education experiences and wellbeing of same-sex attracted and gender diverse young people, and barriers and facilitators to inclusion for LGBTIQ people in Cricket.
Professor Symons has recently served as the Deputy Dean of the College of Sport and Exercise Science, Victoria University.