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Charalampos (Babis) Rallis

Reader in Molecular Genetics of Ageing, University of Essex

We study gene and protein networks that affect cellular and organismal metabolism, ageing and disease.

Our interdisciplinary projects aim to identify drug targets and pharmacological interventions in metabolic syndromes and age-related diseases. We have experience in genome-wide genetic interactions, high-throughput cell based screens, phenomics, and transcriptomics. We analyse phenotype-genotype relationships, cross-talk of signalling pathways in senescence, stress, cellular metabolism and cytoarchitecture/topology.

Our research outputs impact on the fields of nutrition, diabetes, neurodegeneration, cancer and ageing.


  • 2020–present
    Lecturer in Cellular Ageing, University of Essex
  • 2016–2020
    Lecturer in Biochemistry, University of East London


  • 2004 
    MRC National Institute for Medical Research, PhD/Developmental Biology and Genetics