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Science-Art Photographer/Researcher, Australian National University

Charles Tambiah is a professional researcher and a science-art photographer. With an international professional background in wildlife management and community engagement, he has over 30 years of both research and practice in over 25 countries. His current research/practice focuses on Reptiles/Herpetology, and the nexus between Science and Art.

As part of his professional services, Charles is an established project evaluator, providing independent assessment of projects, which assist with refining project methods and processes, and for reporting on funding/grants.

Charles is also an established facilitator in research management and researcher development. His expertise includes grants assessment, and designing/delivering training in foundation knowledge/skills required for successful research practice in the university sector.

As a professional science-art photographer, Charles has been commissioned to create organisational photo archives, undertake documentary photography for use in reporting and engagement, and to accompany internation research expeditions. His science-artworks are used in research, education, books/journals and the media; and have been exhibited and published worldwide. He is highly ranked within Australia and internationally for his photography, including among the global top-100 science images, top-4 science photographs in Australia, and top-50 photographic portraits in Australia. As part of his science-art practice, he regularly delivers skills development workshops in diverse aspects of photography, to a variety of audiences and skill levels (from primary students to retirees, from government agencies to community groups).

Charles publications incorporating his research/practice include the topics of marine turtle research and conservation, community engagement and participation, ecotourism, art and the environment, and research methods and management. He also produces e-publications for projects, incorporating photography, art and interviews, aimed at contributing a unique long-term cultural record beyond the life of a project.


  • 1987–present
    Indigenous/Multi-culture Researcher/Facilitator, freelance/universities/NGOs
  • 1983–present
    Community Science Researcher, freelance/universities/governments/NGOs
  • 1982–present
    Field-based Trainer/Educator, freelance/universities/governments/NGOs
  • 1989–present
    Project Evaluator, freelance/universities/governments/NGOs
  • 1980–present
    Science-Art Photographer, freelance/universities/governments/NGOs
  • 1980–present
    Herpetology Researcher, freelance/universities/governments/NGOs
  • 2011–2021
    Science-Art Researcher, Australian National University
  • 2014–2019
    Artist-in-Residence, schools/universities/NGOs
  • 2008–2016
    ARC Researcher, Australian National University
  • 2002–2012
    Research Facilitator/Research Manager, Australian National University

Research Areas

  • Conservation And Biodiversity (050202)
  • Wildlife And Habitat Management (050211)
  • Earth Sciences Not Elsewhere Classified (049999)
  • Social And Cultural Geography (160403)
  • Lens Based Practice (190503)
  • Communication Studies (200101)