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Research Fellow (Coastal and Marine), The University of Queensland

Research interest: Monitoring ecosystem health of coral reefs and seagrass habitats, integrating field and remote sensing image datasets, calibrating and validating of remotely sensed imagery in coastal environments, and the developing cost-effective benthic habitat mapping approaches. He has developed unique field methods for the calibration and validation of high/low spatial resolution, multi-/hyper-spectral airborne and satellite imagery in combination with object based image analysis approaches. These methods have been adopted as standard practice in a number of resource management agencies and research institutes around the world.

Current projects: Developing an approach and mapping geomorphic zonation and benthic composition for the full extent of the Great Barrier Reef, currently these maps do not exist to that level of detail and extent and will support monitoring, modelling and management.

Current position: Research fellow teaching remote sensing courses, co-director of the Remote Sensing Research Centre and research

Capacity building: teaching in under and post graduate courses; supervision of post-graduate students, national and international workshops; and development of remote sensing toolkit

Citizen science: Integrated in his research and as volunteer he is a strong supporter of citizen science based projects, which he represents as a trainer and scientific advisor with and , and volunteer project organiser of


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    Research Fellow (Coastal and Marine, The University of Queensland