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Christina N. Zdenek

Post-doctoral Research Fellow, The University of Queensland

I am an Ecologist and Herpetologist at the University of Queensland, where I work as a Post-doctoral Research Fellow in the Celine Frere Research Group. Our lab collaborates with governments and industry to deliver cost-effective wildlife monitoring services, novel gut microbiome analyses, and important wildlife conservation outcomes. Personally, with more than 16 years in field-based roles and 8 years in lab-based roles, my inter-disciplinary research interests have traversed parrot vocalisations to animal cognition, snake venom activity, antivenom efficacy, snake ecology, snake behaviour, and the human-snake conflict. My vision is to use science to promote a better relationship between humans and wildlife. I also have a passion for science communication (e.g. I was ABC's Top Five Scientist in 2021; am 1 of 3 Inspiring Australia's ambassadors for Qld in 2024) and have devoted 15 years to working with Indigenous groups on Cape York Peninsula to save Australia’s only tool-using parrot, the Palm Cockatoo, whereby Prof. Rob Heinsohn and I successfully raised its conservation status twice.


  • –present
    Lab Manager/Post-doc at the Venom Evolution Lab, The University of Queensland


  • 2020 
    The University of Queensland, PhD/Toxinology