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Associate Professor of Physics, University of Richmond

My research interests are in the areas of biophysics, atomic force microscopy, nanomechanics, and hemostasis. Specific interests include:

– Mechanical Properties and force detection by AFM: Atomic force microscopy can be used to impart and measure force on nanometer and micron sized objects. My interests are in applying normal and lateral force microscopy to nanofibers such as the blood coagulation fiber fibrin, as well as vascular cells such as endothelial cells.

– Interaction of NO and NO metabolites with vascular components: Nitric oxide (NO) plays a role in hemostasis through vasodilation, inflammation, platelet aggregation, and nitrosylation. My interests are in further exploring the role of NO interactions in the vasculature as they may benefit blood flow and blood clotting.


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    Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Richmond