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Christine Hosking

Conservation Planner/Researcher, The University of Queensland

Christine's research has examined the effects of climate change on the distribution of the koala and its eucalyptus food resources.She is currently developing models of potential high priority habitat for koala conservation.


  • 2007–present
    Conservation Planner, The University of Queensland


  • 2011 
    The University of Queensland, PHD
  • 2006 
    The University of Queensland, Master of Science


  • 2013
    Koalas and climate change: priority koala conservation areas for central Queensland, Conserving Central Queensland's Koalas, Central Queensland University
  • 2012
    Modelling changes in the distribution of the critical food resources of a specialist folivore in response to climate change, Diversity and Distributions
  • 2012
    Climate Change: lessons from Copenhagen and Cancun, and implications for Australia, its regional ecosystems and wildlife, Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales
  • 2011
    Modelling climate-change-induced shifts in the distribution of the koala, Wildlife Research
  • 2011
    Modelling the potential range of the koala at the Last Glacial Maximum: future conservation implications, Australian Zoologist
  • 2011
    Validation of land surface products for modelling the climate impacts of large-scale revegetation in Queensland, MODSIM 19th International Congress
  • 2010
    Can a problem-solving approach strengthen landscape ecology’s contribution to sustainable landscape planning?, Landscape Ecology

Research Areas

  • Ecology (0602)
  • Conservation And Biodiversity (050202)