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Christopher Hobbs

Co-Director, Centre for Science and Security Studies (CSSS), King's College London

Since becoming an Innovation Fellow in January 2010, Chris has worked within the Department of War Studies to coordinate new innovative and policy focused research and teaching. This included the development of a proposal for a European Nuclear Security Research Network (ENSERN) involving a number of members of the Department and seven partner institutions, including the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency and the World Institute for Nuclear Security. This was submitted in December 2010 to the EU’s Framework Programme 7 Security Research Call.
Chris also successfully applied to the King’s College London Futures Fund to support a number of policy relevant activities within the Department. Funds were used to host a workshop for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office on the intangibles of nuclear security. The output of this was a scoping paper which helped shape government policy ahead of the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit. It also enabled King's to submit a successful proposal to the UK FCO’s Strategic Programme Fund to support further work in this area. Futures Funding was also used to hold, in partnership with the University of Oslo, a simulation involving MA War Studies students on verifying nuclear warhead dismantlement at the Institute for Energy Technology in Norway. This is the first time such an event has been held for education and outreach purposes.