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Christopher Terrell Nield

Principal lecturer, bioscience, Nottingham Trent University

Dr Terrell-Nield is a trained entomologist with particular interests in cave biology and woodland management.

Areas of research interest include:

Animal distribution studies (especially Coleoptera): Species identification and distribution mapping at both field level and in specific habitats such as polluted streams and caves

Carrion decomposition and succession: Monitoring the colonisation and succession of invertebrates on carrion, and factors affecting abundance and invertebrate sequence

Woodland management: Work on plant and animal development in coppiced woodlands in relation to Dutch elm disease and management for maximising diversity

Dr Terrell-Nield has been involved in the supervision and assessment of many PhD students in subjects as varied as decomposition of remains in caves, the impacts of saline mining pollution and habitat modelling of water shrews.


  • –present
    Principal lecturer, bioscience, Nottingham Trent University