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Professor in Forensic and Environmental Science, Staffordshire University

My current role is Professor in Forensic and Environmental Science in the Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Department at Staffordshire University. I am actively involved in forensic science and microplastic research and also conduct consultancy in trace evidence. One of my main areas of research is in the analysis of microplastics from water environments, particularly in the improvement of methods for quantification and characterisation and the use of forensic approaches for microplastic analysis and interpretation. Work conducted has included analysis of microfibers and plastic from the deep sea sediment and organisms. A paper published in Scientific Reports entitled 'Plastic microfibers discovered within deep-sea organisms from both Atlantic and Indian Oceans' received the top 100 read accolade of 2016. My areas of forensic expertise include hair and fibres, glass and paint, contamination prevention, proficiency testing, forensic database production, many of which overlap with my microplastics research. My research interests include the development of trace evidence databases, the development of new fibre analysis methods, textile damage, transfer and persistence studies, the development of forensic science training for lawyers and the use of multiple choice questions in determining competency in forensic practitioners. My collaborative research approach means that I work with national and international forensic science providers, higher education institutions and Police forces on projects that directly impact the criminal justice system. Currently, I am working with UK Police forces in the testing of a new method, developed and patented at Staffordshire University, which will enhance forensic fibres work. In addition to this, I am developing a new automated system for the analysis of microfibres from the marine environment which will also be valuable for forensic fibre analysis work. I conduct consultancy in hair analysis and am particularly interested in wildlife crime. I have presented over 60 papers at national and international forensic science, higher education and law conferences and produced 8 book chapters on my research topics. I am keen for collaboration on all aspects of my research.


  • –present
    Principal Lecturer in Forensic Science, Staffordshire University