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Former Foundation Professor of Animal Welfare, University of Queensland, Curtin University

My research interests have included the welfare of farm, companion and captive wild animals, the contamination of the human food chain with heavy metals, and animal and plant production in agricultural systems.

Welfare aspects that I am particularly interested in include adequate animal nutrition, health, housing, transport and reproduction, with an emphasis on cattle, sheep and captive wild animals. In the past I have led research programmes which focused on the mineral status of livestock, forage plants and soils used to grow them. This has included both nutritive minerals, especially sodium, and toxic heavy metals, especially lead and cadmium.

As director of the Centre for Animal Welfare and Ethics at the University of Queensland, I co-ordinated research in many diverse aspects of animal welfare and ethics. This included both fundamental science, which is of benefit to our understanding of animal welfare in the long term, as well as applied science, which is of immediate benefit to the animal industries.


  • 2003–2020
    Foundation Professor, University of Queensland
  • 1995–2003
    Senior Lecturer in Farm Animal Production Medicine, Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, , University of Cambridge, United Kingdom


  • 1998 
    University of Cambridge, MA
  • 1983 
    University of Glasgow, PhD


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Professional Memberships

  • Humane Society International (Director)

Research Areas

  • Animal Behaviour (060801)


Visiting professor, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Adjunct professor, Curtin University