Colin Pritchard

Professor of Psychiatric Social Work, Bournemouth University

After 15 years in practice, ending as Principal Psychiatric Social Worker, Prof Pritchard became a Lecturer 1970, Dept Psychiatry, University Leeds. He gained a Senior Lectureship at the University of Bath 1976-80 before moving to the Foundation Chair in Social Work Studies at University of Southampton 1980-1998. From 1998-2001 he was Research Professor in Psychiatric Social Work, Dept of Psychiatry, University of Southampton since which he has been Emeritus Professor, School of Medicine, University of Southampton and Visiting Professor at Dept Psychiatry, 2001 to present. From 2003, Prof Pritchard has been

Research Professor in Psychiatric Social Work, Bournemouth University.

He has enjoyed a distinguished career in academia. Including:

Prime Minister’s Strategy Group (Education) 2006 to 2008.

Member of Post-Graduate Centre for Medical Education and Research 2007 to present.

Appointed Royal College of Surgeons (England) Specialist Recertification Board April 2008. (Outcome and Peer Review sub-committee)...more

Prof Pritchard's research has straddled the complex interface of psychiatry, medicine and social work creating a unique interdisciplinary blend. He is an international figure in suicide studies and concerning the deaths of children in social work, psychiatric settings. His work concerning morbidity and mortality across the world, using WHO statistics continues to challenge established thinking.


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Pritchard, C., Lindsay, K., Cox, M. and Foulkes, L.M., 2011. Re-evaluating the National Subarchnoid Haemorrhage study (2006) from a patient-related-Outcome-Measure perspective: comparing fiscal outcomes of Treatment-as-Usual with an enhanced service. British Journal of Neurosurgery, 25, 376-383.


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    Professor of Psychiatric Social Work, Bournemouth University