Professor of Functional Genomics, University of Brighton

Colin Smith joined the University of Brighton to establish a new genomics facility. Genomics technologies have been at the heart of his research for the last 15 years and he has been engaged in a range of interdisciplinary national and international collaborations, investigating antibiotic production by bacteria, human sleep and human nutrition.

His first degree, in Microbiology, was from the University of Bristol and his PhD was from the John Innes Centre, Norwich, where he investigated the regulation of gene expression in industrially important Streptomyces bacteria. He continues to study Streptomyces gene expression at a genome-wide level and is presently focusing on how stress responses and antibiotic production are controlled at the level of translation.

Currently, Professor Smith’s main goal is to develop new interdisciplinary collaborations with colleagues at Brighton in research areas important to human health.


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    Professor of Functional Genomics, University of Brighton