I am writing a book-length media archaeology of the control room. It examines the history of control engineering alongside its appearance in screen narratives of the last 50 years, all in the context of a legal-theoretical reading of the changing nature of political sovereignty. A summary of some of the ideas in the book can be viewed here (10 min. youtube):

I am also writing a book about the submarine genre in cinema.

I am the producer of the Field Day Podcast, a series of interviews in culture, philosophy and science from experts in Ireland. Listen here https://fieldday.ie/field-day-podcast/

My translation of the last major work by the seminal French film theorist Christian Metz was published early in 2016. I regularly publish articles in media archaeology, digital media, film studies, Science and Technology Studies, and related fields. I am also the author of a 2007 monograph on the Field Day Theatre and Publishing Company.


  • 2009–2018
    Lecturer in Film and Media, Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dublin