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I am an Earth scientist with special interests in geodynamics, earthquake geology and tectonics. I contribute to the understanding of the earthquake source zones and fault zones of India, thereby assisting the seismic hazard evaluation. My studies are mostly focused in the areas of active tectonics, earthquake geology, paleoseismology and tectonic geomorphology. To address the key questions in seismology like the seismic gap hypothesis, and characteristic earthquakes (slip-predictable or time predictable models) or spatial and temporal clustering of earthquakes (explained as due to stress triggering and fault interaction) it is important to understand how seismic sources behave in the longer term. Extensive database on spatial and temporal earthquake recurrence patterns for various fault systems helps to draw realistic statistical conclusions. My work is mainly focused on developing insights into earthquake sources, leading to their long-term behavior. I contribute to the understanding of the recurrence patterns of major earthquakes/tsunamis and nature of fault zone deformation in various tectonic regimes of India. My research targets to further the knowledge on the earthquake generation along the plate boundary systems like the Himalaya and Andaman-Nicobar tectonic zones as well as the intraplate regions like the failed rift zones like Kachchh, in the northwest India – major potential source of damaging earthquakes. I conduct rigorous field investigations of various geological and geomorphological features along with direct observations of fault offsets preserved in the local geology or the indirect indications like soil liquefaction to develop tectonic models of earthquake kinematics. I employ various dating and laboratory analyses to constrain the ages of the tectonic features. I have also contributed to the understanding of geodynamical aspects of the Andaman subduction zone- the source zone of the 2004 mega-earthquake and the consequent devastating tsunami through the application of global positioning system (GPS) based strain measurements and earthquake seismology. I am also involved in the collaborative work and international cooperation on tsunami hazard and capacity building as part of initiatives, and have established linkages among various researchers from many Indian Ocean countries from Australia to Iran to understand the transoceanic tsunami hazards.


  • –present
    Professor, Geodynamics Unit, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research