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Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde

Craig Michie is Professor and Deputy Head of Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Strathclyde. Craig received his Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from the University of Glasgow in 1983 and after a year of working for BBC in Broadcasting House London, he returned to do PhD in Coherent Optical Communications. He became a Senior Research fellow in 1991 and joined Rolls Royce University Technology Centre in 1998 researching into optical sensor systems.

From 2001-2004 he was Senior Engineer at Kamelian Limited, producing semiconductor optical amplifiers. In 2006 he returned to Strathclyde and continued his work on optical fibre communications technologies and began to develop his research in wireless sensor technology and data analytics. He was founder member of Silent Herdsman Ltd., producing decision support tools based on neck mounted activity collars for cattle. The company was acquired by Afimilk Ltd in 2015.


  • 2006–present
    Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde