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Suicide Prevention, Macquarie University

Dameyon is of the Jawoyn peoples from the Mangarrayi of the Mataranka region (NT) and the Bari Clan of the western island group Kala Lagaw Ya, called the Wagedagam on Mabuiag Island (TSI). Our totem is the saltwater crocodile.

Dameyon is a gay male, and his pronouns are he/him. He is recognised as an Indigenous suicide prevention subject matter expert, specifically in Indigenous LGBTQIA suicide prevention. Dameyon has extensive experience working in and with remote Indigenous communities in suicide prevention and is the founder of Black Rainbow, Australia’s first and only national Indigenous LGBTIQA suicide prevention charity organisation.

He holds a post-graduate qualification in Suicidology and is currently undertaking his final year of the Master of Suicidology by research. Dameyon’s work has been the catalyst for three Indigenous LGBTQIA suicide prevention research studies underway in Australia. He currently leads a co-design project with Indigenous LGBTQIA young people in the NT to create safer homes and communities.

In 2016 he designed and developed the first workforce development Indigenous LGBTQIA Inclusive Practices in Mental Health and Suicide Prevention workshop, and has delivered it to over 500 people in remote, regional, and urban Australia.

Dameyon is an independent suicide prevention practitioner in his hometown of Darwin in the NT, Australia.


  • 2020 
    Griffith, Postgraduate Certificate Suicidology

Professional Memberships

  • International Association for Suicide Prevention