Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Sheffield

Daniel joined the department in 2010, after completing a PhD at Columbia University and spending a year as Faculty Fellow at Harvard University´s Safra Center for Ethics.

Research Interests

Daniel´s research is primarily in political, moral, and legal philosophy, but he is also interested in social philosophy, philosophy of action, and the philosophy of Immanuel Kant. He is currently engaged in two projects. The first is on democracy and authority; it asks whether the fact that laws are made democratically imposes on us a special duty to obey them, and why the answer to this question matters for theorizing about democracy. (Daniel's book manuscript on this topic is about to be completed; a related article, entitled 'Procedure and Outcome in the Justification of Authority', was recently published in the Journal of Political Philosophy.) The second project is on the ethics of democratic enfranchisement. It seeks to understand who must be granted voting rights in a democracy and who need not be.