Dario Floreano is professor at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) where he is director of the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems. He is also founding director of the Swiss National Center of Competence in Robotics, which includes almost 60 researchers in 20 labs across Switzerland. Prof. Floreano holds an M.A. in Vision, an M.S. in Neural Computation, and a PhD in Robotics. He has held research positions at Sony Computer Science Laboratory, at Caltech/JPL, and at Harvard University. His research interests are Robotics and A.I. at the convergence of biology and engineering. Prof. Floreano has made pioneering contributions to the fields of evolutionary robotics, aerial robotics, soft robotics and wearable robotics that have been published in almost 400 peer-reviewed articles, and 4 books on Artificial Neural Networks, Evolutionary Robotics, Bio-inspired Artificial Intelligence and Bio-inspired Flying Robots with MIT Press and Springer Verlag. He served in several boards and committees, including the Future and Emerging Technologies division of the European Commission, the World Economic Forum Agenda Council, the International Society of Artificial Life, the International Neural Network Society, and in the editorial committee of ten scientific journal. His research and communication activity has translated in two successful companies (senseFly and Flyability) and a non-for-profit communication platform on robotics and A.I. (RoboHub).


  • 2000–present
    Professor, EPFL