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David Andrew Green

Senior Lecturer of Human & Aerospace Physiology, King's College London

David Green is a Senior Lecturer of Human & Aerospace Physiology and acts as the coordinator of the Aerospace & Extreme Environment Adaptation Group within the Centre of Human and Aerospace Physiological Sciences (CHAPS).

His research is multi-disciplinary across a range of human physiological systems. He is interested in the physiological responses and adaptation that occur both within, and between physiological systems in times of change. Particular interest is held in the physiological adaptations seen during exposure to extreme/hostile environments, with an eye to mechanistic elucidation, technological intervention development and terrestrial clinical application.

These interests, his research-led teaching and advocacy of UK engagement in Manned Space Flight with a view to terrestrial application of biomedical advances reflect his diverse scientific experiences.


  • 2008–present
    Senior Lecturer, King's College London


    London Southbank University, PhD Exercise Neuroscience


  • 2010
    How the UK can lead the terrestrial translation of biomedical advances arising from lunar exploration activities. , Special Lunar Astrobiology issue of Earth, Moon and Planets