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PhD; Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (retired) and Research Fellow, University of California, Davis

David H. Bailey juggles careers in scientific supercomputing and mathematics, publishing books and papers in both (and, more often than not, finding interesting interconnections between the two). One of his mathematics papers, co-authored with Peter Borwein and Simon Plouffe of Canada, presented a new formula for pi, which formula permits one to calculate binary or base-16 digits of pi beginning at an arbitrary starting point, without needing to calculate any of the digits that came before. He has also explored the randomness of the digits of pi.

Bailey is recently retired from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California; he is also a Research Fellow at the University of California, Davis. He and his long-time colleague Jonathan Borwein (deceased 2016) have jointly written numerous books, technical papers and columns. Bailey operates the Math Scholar blog ( and the Math Investor blog ( His research website is

Disclaimer: Articles written or co-authored by Bailey do not necessarily reflect the views of his institutional affiliations.


  • 1998–present
    Senior Scientist, Computational Research Department, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA


  • 1976 
    Stanford University, Ph.D./Mathematics
  • 1972 
    Brigham Young University, B.S./Mathematics


Sidney Fernbach Award, 1993 (IEEE Computer Society); Chauvenet Prize, 1993 (Mathematical Association of America); ACM Gordon Bell Prize, 2008 (Association for Computing Machinery)