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Visiting Professor in Public Services, University of Greenwich

David Hall is a Visiting Professor at the University of Greenwich, London, in the Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU), of which he was Director from 2000-2013. He researches the politics, law and economics of public services, public finance, public ownership, privatisation, PPPs, and outsourcing in water, energy, waste management, healthcare and other sectors – globally, in Europe, and in the UK. He has written many PSIRU reports, journal articles, book chapters, and two books. His recent research covers narratives on public spending and services, lessons from Covid, remunicipalisation trends, investor-state disputes, and the popularity of public ownership.

He has been a guest lecturer at the World Bank infrastructure division, and invited to address meetings of the United Nations department of economic and social affairs (UNDESA), the OECD, UNCTAD, ILO, the European Parliament, the EU Economic and Social Committee, the UK Department for International Development (DFID), the Belgian parliament, the constitutional court of Indonesia, the Walkerton enquiry (Canada), and a Moodys investors conference.
He has been an invited speaker at seminars and conferences at many universities and research institutes around the world, covering a range of disciplines - economics, law, politics, environmental studies, development studies, labour relations, sociology, and public administration - including: Aalborg, Athens, Bantung, Barcelona, Berkeley, Berlin, Bologna, Bonn, Bradford, Bremen, Brussels, Bologna, Cambridge, Cornell, Erlangen, The Hague, Harvard, Istanbul, Lima, Loughborough, Madrid, Mexico City, Milan, Munich, Newcastle, Oxford, Paris, Sheffield, SOAS, St. Petersburg, Tampere, UCL, Uppsala, Wellington and Wroclaw. He has participated in many international research networks, including CIRIEC, Low Carbon Energy for Development Network (LCEDN), and WATERLAT.

He has worked with social movements and trade unions internationally and has contributed to civil society and trade union meetings in over 50 countries, on all continents, and international events including the world congress of Consumers International, meetings of the Asian-European People’s Forum, and international union conferences, especially Public Services International and European Public Services Union. He is a board member of the UK organisation We Own It.


  • –present
    Visiting Professor, PSIRU, University of Greenwich
  • 2000–2013
    Director, PSIRU, University of Greenwich