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Assistant professor, Texas A&M University-Commerce

How do people select strategies?

I study how strategies change with learning and how these strategic changes impact performance. Specifically I’m interested in how people use metacognition to select and adjust their strategies for performing tasks, and how specific task properties influence the discovery and use of better strategies over time.

Why do some people choose better strategies than others?

I also study why some people are better at adapting their strategic choices to the task than are others. This includes how older and younger adults differ in their use and adaptation of strategies.

How do we decide what we know?

People make judgments about what they know all the time. I study how people make judgments about their own knowledge and performance, including what cues they use for determining that do or do not know a piece of information. Additionally I how people understand the tasks in which they engage.


  • –present
    Postdoctoral Scholar in Psychology, Case Western Reserve University