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Senior Lecturer in Applied Ethics & CyberSecurity, Griffith University

David is a Senior Lecturer in Applied Ethics and CyberSecurity at Griffith University's School of Information & Communication Technology in Brisbane/Gold Coast.

David is a high-profile academic who appears regularly on local, national and international media (newspaper, radio and TV) commenting on the social impact of technology. Since 2005, his global audience reach will be in excess of a hundred million. David's articles published in The Conversation and republished in newspapers like the Washington Post and Chicago Tribune have reached over 2.25 million readers. His work has been translated into German, Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese.

Among several other high-profile events, David was a guest panelist in the 2017 World Science Festival, and guest speaker at the 2019 Festival (see Ockham's Razor link below).

David spends a month each year since 2016 at Humboldt University in Berlin, the high technology capital of eastern Europe, and San Jose/San Francisco where he studies innovation culture.

David's formal qualifications include a PhD (Software Engineering), M Phil (Information Systems), Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (Griffith University), Bachelor of Arts (Psychology, English Literature, Anthropology) (Queensland).

David writes on a broad range of topics; from Comparative Religion, Anthropology, Psychology, Ancient and Modern History, Linguistics, Rhetoric, Philosophy, Architectural History, Environments and Ecosystems.

With over 60 titles in print and eBook and millions of verified downloads, David is a non-fiction author of international significance. Beyond the English-speaking world, his work has been translated into Chinese, German and Japanese.

David is Director and Founder of Altiora Publications. Established in 1994, Altiora is one of the oldest book-sellers on the Web, pre-dating Amazon. Altiora's Software Engineering project management titles have been selling continuously since 1994. Altiora offers its titles at reasonable rates for both print and eBook versions to make them accessible to low-income readers for whom the high price of books is a barrier.

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  • 1999–present
    Senior Lecturer in Applied Ethics & Sociotechnical Studies, School of ICT - Griffith University
  • 2004–present
    Research fellow, Institute of Integrated & Intelligent Systems (Research Institute, Griffith University)


  • 2009 
    Griffith University, PhD Software Engineering
  • 2005 
    Griffith University, M Phil, Information Systems
  • 2005 
    Griffith University, Grad Cert in Higher Education
  • 1982 
    University of Queensland, Bachelor of Arts
  • 1977 
    Queensland University of Technology, Assoc Dip in Health Surveying

Research Areas

  • Software Engineering (080309)
  • Information Systems (0806)
  • Applied Ethics (2201)
  • Anthropology (1601)
  • Technology (10)


Vice-Chancellor's Media Excellence Award, Griffith University 2015.