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Professor and Department Head of CTL, Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba

Dr. Dawn Sutherland, awarded a Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Science Education in 2006 and renewed in 2011 as Canada Research Chair in Science Education in Cultural Contexts, explores the relationship between culture and science education in Indigenous and inner-city communities. The Canada Research Chair program builds on Sutherland’s expertise teaching education students in the field of science by incorporating traditional Indigenous knowledge into her lessons. She aims to have Indigenous culture integrated into school curricula so science is more meaningful, interesting, and relevant for all students.
Dr. Sutherland has worked with Dr. Kathyrn Levine for the past 20 years on resilience and career development in inner-city environments and currently collaborates with Dr. Levine and Dr. Melanie Janzen on research related to inter-professional collaboration and educating children in care.