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Associate Professor in Management Strategy and Organisation, University of Bath

I work principally in three areas Critical diversity studies, Creative methodologies for management research and learning, and Digital labour.

I am interested in the ways that organisational discourses and practices create forms of knowledge and emotional response that function to ‘organise difference’ in particular ways. I ask: Which differences between people do we understand as being important? What meanings do we attach to forms of difference? How do we seek to ‘manage’ difference? What are the material consequences of these processes? I extend these questions into a variety of empirical settings, including organisational ‘diversity’ practices and digital work, and develop novel creative methodologies to learn about them.

Research interests: Critical analysis of inclusion, diversity and equality as organising concepts and practices; Gender and race in working life; Intersectional research; Digital identity (self)work; Digital inclusion and exclusion; Management/government of subjectivities at work; Writing differently and creative methodologies in research; Psychic life, anxiety, and affect; Solidarity communities; Practices and strategies of anti-racism