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Professor of Mathematics, University of Richmond

I teach across the mathematics curriculum, including Calculus I, II, and III, Linear Algebra, Foundations of Mathematics, Abstract Algebra I (Group Theory) and II (Ring and Field Theory), and Number Theory. I also enjoy creating courses that cut across disciplines and schools such as "Vienna: The Biography of a City," a travel course to Vienna.

My research lies in the history of mathematics, particularly in the fields of algebra and number theory. When Mark Warner was governor of Virginia he asked "what do historians of mathematics study?" That is a great question. We study mathematics, the people who create mathematics, the institutions that support mathematics, the false starts in particular areas of mathematics, the politics that influence the development of mathematics and how the larger cultural context impinges on the development of mathematics. This discipline combines technical questions in mathematics with appropriate historical questions to yield a rich perspective on both mathematics and history. If you are interested in pursuing research in this area, please contact me.


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    Professor of Mathematics, University of Richmond