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Professor in Cardiovascular Physiology and Exercise, Liverpool John Moores University

Professor Dick H.J. Thijssen’s work is focused on the (primary and secondary) prevention of cardiovascular disease. His work focuses on exploring and understanding the benefits of exercise training and (exercise) preconditioning, but also examines the link between the preconditioning effects of exercise and ischaemic preconditioning. The benefits of these interventions are linked to improvement in micro- and macrovessel function and structure, and he explores factors that moderate these effects (e.g. older age, cardiovascular disease). The benefits on the arterial wall, but also activation of the preconditioning pathways, may contribute to the reduction in cardiovascular risk associated with both interventions. His work also aimed to understand (hemodynamic) stimuli, such as shear stress and arterial pressure, that mediate improvement in vascular function and structure. Ultimately, this work contributes to identify (non)pharmacological strategies in the management of patients with cardiovascular risk and/or disease.


  • 2013–2017
    Prof., LJMU
  • 2003–2017
    Prof., Radboud university medical center nijmegen