Professor of Public Health , University of Adelaide


BSc(Hons.) MPH PhD GCert.Online Learning (H.Ed.) FAIOH FSIA FRACI ChOHSP COH CIH CChem

Professor of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene

Awards & Achievements

Executive Dean's Prize for Excellence in Teaching 2011

Safety Institute of Australia Award for Professional Excellence 2011

International Commission on Occupational Health Service Award 2012

School of Public Health HDR Supervisor of the Year 2015

Research Interests

Current PhD Student Supervision

Principal Supervisor

Maryam Navi "Air Pollution, Climate and Health", PhD

So-Young Lee, "The Blue Light Hazard", PhD

Jessica Stanhope "Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders", PhD

Blesson Varghese "Work and injury in high temperature environments",

Xiao Liu “Occupational Hygiene and Toxicological Studies of Ultrafine Iron-rich Particles in Iron Ore Mining and Ferrous Foundry Environments” PhD


Daphne McCurdy “Social Responsibilities of Universities – Perceptions and Drivers of OHS Culture and Performance” PhD – University of New England

Recent graduations (2014-16):

Ismaniza Ismail "Skin Absorption of Organophosphate Pesticides (OPs): Informing a Predictive Dermal Risk Assessment Model" PhD Academically qualified, Dean's Commendation

Yahya Thamrin “International Students as Young Migrant Workers in South Australia – The Role of the University in OHS Awareness and Education” PhD Academically qualified

Andrea Barclay “Health Promotion in the Commerical Fishing Industry in Port Lincoln” PhD Dean's Commendation and University Doctoral Medal

Jianjun Xiang “Extreme Heat and Worker Health and Safety” PhD, Dean's Commendation, Kerry Kirke Award, Eric Wigglesworth Research Award

Nasreen Jahan “Practices and Perceptions of Introductory OHS Education In Secondary Schools – Towards a Conceptual Framework for Effective OHS Education for Young Workers” PhD Dean's Commendation

Vanda Doda “Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders in South Australian Workplaces: Evaluation of a Stage of Change Approach” PhD

Availability for Student Supervision

Dino Pisaniello is available for supervision of Honours and PhD students in 2017. Topics in the field of occupational and environmental health are to be negotiated.

Research Funding

Dino is a Chief or Co-Investigator on several grants, including the Dept of Prime Minister and Cabinet and US Govt, ARC (Discovery and Linkage) and SafeWork SA.


ORCID Record

Recent publications (Journal articles only)

Gaskin S, Heath L, Pisaniello D, Evans R, Edwards JW, Logan M, Baxter C. Hydrogen sulphide and phosphine interactions with human skin in vitro Application to hazardous material incident decision making for skin decontamination. Toxicology and Industrial Health. 2016. DOI: 10.1177/0748233716630646

Lao J, Hansen A, Nitschke M, Hanson-Easey S, Pisaniello D. Working smart: An exploration of council workers’ experiences and perceptions of heat in Adelaide, South Australia. Safety Science 2016 82 228–235.

Xiang J, Hansen A, Pisaniello D, Bi P. (2015) Perceptions of workplace heat exposure and controls among occupational hygienists and relevant specialists in Australia. PLOS ONE 10(8):1-12

Ismail, I., Pisaniello, D., Gaskin, S., & Edwards, J. W., (2015), Dermal Exposures to Organophosphorus Pesticides for Ambulance Workers - Permeation Through Disposable Gloves: Findings for Omethoate, J Health & Safety Research & Practice 7(1), 14-22

Piccoli, B., D’Orso, M., Polselli, G., Leka, I. & Pisaniello, D. (2015), Luminance In the Occupational Visual Field: An Evaluation of Office Workstations, J Health & Safety Research & Practice 7(1), 23-28

Doda D, Rothmore P, Pisaniello D, Briggs N, Stewart S, Mahmood M, Hiller J. Relative benefit of a stage of change approach for the prevention of musculoskeletal pain and discomfort: a cluster randomised trial. Occupational and Environmental Medicine: 2015 oemed-2015-102916.

Liu X, Pisaniello D, Sanderson B, Wang H. Cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of ultrafine iron-ore dust. Respirology 2015 (Suppl 2) 20:49

Xiang J, Hansen A , Pisaniello D, Bi P. Extreme heat and occupational heat illnesses in South Australia, 2001-2010. Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2015; doi:10.1136/oemed-2014- 102706

Rogawansamy S, Gaskin S, Taylor M, Pisaniello D. An evaluation of antifungal agents for the treatment of fungal contamination in indoor air environments. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2015, 12, 6319-6332

Xiang J, Bi P, Pisaniello D, Hansen A. The impact of heatwaves on workers' health and safety in Adelaide, South Australia. Environmental Research 2014; 133: 90–95

Hansen A, Nitschke M, Hansen A, Nitschke M, Bi P, Pisaniello D, Newbury J, Kitson A, Tucker G, Avery J, Dal Grande E, Zhang Y, Kelsall, L. Heat-health behaviours of older people in two Australian states. Australasian Journal on Ageing 2014 doi: 10.1111/ajag.12134

Xiang J, Bi P, Pisaniello D, Hansen A. Health impacts of workplace heat exposure: An epidemiological review. Industrial Health 2014; 52(2): 91-101

Nitschke M, Tucker G, Simon DL, Hansen A, Pisaniello D. The link between noise perception and quality of life in South Australia. Noise and Health 2014, 16 (70): 137-142.

Gaskin S, Pisaniello D, Edwards J, Bromwich D, Reed S, Logan M, Baxter C. In-vitro methods for testing dermal absorption and penetration of toxic gases. Toxicology Mechanisms and Methods 2014;24(1):70-72.

Stewart S, Doda VD, Rothmore P, Hiller JE, Mahmood MA, Pisaniello D. Musculoskeletal pain and discomfort and associated workplace factors in South Australian industries. Work 2014; 48: 261-271.

Professional Associations

National Secretary for Australia, International Commission on Occupational Health
Member, International Advisory Board, Annals of Work Exposures and Health

Fellow, Royal Australian Chemical Institute
Fellow, Safety Institute of Australia
Fellow, Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists

Past President, Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists
Past President, Australian and NZ Association of OHS Educators.

Inaugural Chairman of the Congress of Occupational Safety and Health Association Presidents (COSHAP) 2001-2005
Past Chair of the Scientific Committee on Work and Vision of the International Commission on Occupational Health.

Professional Interests

Dino Pisaniello has wide interests in the area of occupational and environmental health. The areas include risk assessment and control, intervention research and education. The interests include occupational hazard surveillance, climate change impacts and adaptation, dermal exposure assessment, indoor air quality, work and vision and young worker education.

Dino is the Director of Adelaide Exposure Science, the Occupational and Environmental Hygiene Laboratory and manages OEH Consulting, a business unit of Adelaide Research and Innovation.

Community Engagement

Dino is the Chief Technical Advice Coordinator (Hazardous Materials Incidents) for the Metropolitan Fire Service and the Country Fire Service.


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    Professor of Public Health , University of Adelaide