Postdoctoral Researcher, Australian National University

I am interested in how biotic and abiotic stressors affect animal behaviour and performance. Biophysical interactions (effect of temperature, water flow, etc. on species) and biotic interactions (competition, predation, parasitism) have broad implications for understanding how species persist in their natural habitat, particularly in the face of environmental change. My PhD research focused on fish locomotion and the morphological and physiological adaptations that allow species to respond and adjust to environmental stressors. I try to understand how the individual performance of temperate and tropical fishes affects broad-scale ecological patterns such as population structure and species’ distributions. My research interests are broad, and include studies on energetics (metabolism) and performance (kinematics), ecomorphology, behavioural and physiological ecology, and invasive species in fishes, crabs, and other aquatic organisms. I like to combine laboratory experiments with field observations to relate quantitative experimental data with ecological outcomes. I am also interested in science policy and the open science movement.


  • 2014–present
    Postdoctoral Fellow, Australian National University


  • 2014 
    Australian National University, PhD
  • 2009 
    McGill University, MSc
  • 2006 
    McGill University, BSc


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  • 2007
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