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BSc (double major in geology); MSc prelim (soil science), MSc (Nat. Res Mgt), PhD (hydrogeology)

Research scientist and/or natural resource manager since 1978; exploration geologist (base metals, oil and gas) before that

Worked in the mining, oil and gas, agriculture and water industries. Was a theme leader and science coordinator at CSIRO where led water resource assessments under climate change for the south west Australia and the Pilbara, as well as investigations of the use of treated wastewater for managed aquifer recharge. Co-led the Land Monitor and Urban Monitor projects which respectively used satellite and digital aerial photography as mapping and monitoring tools.

Worked on urban hydrology, dryland salinity, catchment hydrology, remote sensing, geophysics, water reuse, water resources, climate change impacts, least cost planning

Have run a regional NRM group; established remote sensing monitoring schemes; managed state water and solid waste policy, water planning and licensing; managed research teams in soils, catchment hydrology and water resource management

Currently working as a part-time consultant and as an adjunct at UWA


  • 2017–present
    Consultant , Sole Trader
  • 2015–2017
    Groundwater Hydrology Group Leader, CSIRO
  • 2004–2015
    Theme / Portfolio Leader, CSIRO
  • 2001–2004
    Director, Resource Management , Department of Environment (WA Government)
  • 2000–2001
    Director, Science and Evaluation, Water and Rivers Commission


  • 1984 
    UWA, PhD (hydrogeology)
  • 1980 
    UWA, MSc (Nat Res Mgt)
  • 1979 
    UWA, MSc (prelim) soil science
  • 1973 
    UWA, BSc (double major, geology)

Grants and Contracts

  • 2012
    Recycled Water for Heavy Industry and Preventing Seawater Intrusion
    Project Leader
    Funding Source:
    AWRCoE, Kwinana Industries Council
  • 2011
    Pilbara Water Resource Assessment
    Project Leader
    Funding Source:
    WA Government, BHP Billiton
  • 2007
    South West Sustainable Yield
    Project Leader
    Funding Source:
    Australian Government

Research Areas

  • Photogrammetry And Remote Sensing (090905)
  • Water Resources Engineering (090509)


CSIRO Chairman's Medal (2004)