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CEO and Founder of The NeuroTech Institute, University of Adelaide

Dr Fiona Kerr is founder and CEO of The NeuroTech Institute, an independent body working at the intersection of neuroscience, emerging technology and ethical practice. It offers a truly multi-disciplinary approach to investigating how humans shape each other, how technology shapes us and thus how we should shape technology.

Fiona is a prominent thought leader in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, complex systems dynamics, human connectivity and the impacts of technologisation. She is the founder of The NeuroTech Institute and Research Fellow at SAHMRI, and she combines these roles with public speaking and consulting both here and overseas.

With a PhD combining cognitive neuroscience and complex systems engineering, aided by 30 years of business experience working at all levels in a number of public and industry sectors, Fiona consults in areas including how leaders build better brains and businesses; collaborative complex problem solving; the neurophysiological impact of humans interfacing with each other and technologies and the use of Artificial Intelligence. She spends time with fascinating organisations ranging from robotics companies to Cirque du Soleil, has research partners in four countries and appears regularly in the media and on stage to delight people with accessible science.


  • 2019–present
    Founder & CEO, The NeuroTech Institute
  • 2007–2018
    Neural & Systems Complexity Specialist, Faculties of Professions and Health Sciences, University of Adelaide