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Professor of Digital Media, Queen Mary University of London

I am an operations researcher and classical pianist interested in explaining what musicians do, how we do it, and why. My research aims to make concrete the conceptualized structures and expressive (prosodic) decisions that shape a musical communication using mathematical models, computational methods, and scientific visualisations.

More concretely, I am interested in the study and modeling of music performance, and aspects of musicianship related to performance—including musical prosody, music cognition, music analysis, composition/improvisation, ensemble interaction, Internet performance, and performance rendering—using both quantitative (mathematical and computation) and qualitative scientific methods.

Apart from the usual publications, I also disseminate my work through lecture-recitals designed to help audiences better understand the musician's creative process, and more actively appreciate the music that they hear. For further information, please see .


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    Professor of Digital Media, Queen Mary University of London