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Elizabeth Maratos

Teaching Fellow and Teaching Assistant, University of Leicester

My primary research interests involve understanding the neural mechanisms underlying retrieval of emotional information through a cognitive neuroscience approach.

Research methodology includes fMRI, ERP and neuropsychological investigation. Neural correlates of emotional episodic memory have been extensively investigated in a series of neuroimaging experiments (ERP, fMRI) through the comparison of memory effects elicited during retrieval of emotional relative to neutral information. Additional neuropsychological focus has included understanding the dysfunction of emotion-mediated systems i) following encephalitis and ii) in conduct disorder and psychopathy. I am also interested in how an interdisciplinary conjunction of approaches (forensic, clinical and cognitive neuroscience) can aid our understanding of emotional memory (dys)function in i) psychological illness and ii) eyewitness testimony. For example, recently research interests have expanded to include understanding eye-witness memory through application of mathematical equations developed in Cognitive Psychology memory theory to a Legal Psychology framework.


  • –present
    Teaching Fellow and Teaching Assistant, University of Leicester