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Research assistant professor, Tel Aviv University

Ella Daniel is an assistant professor at the Department of School Counseling and Special Education, Tel Aviv University, Israel. Her interest focuses on moral development across the life-span, and specifically values development. She examines personal and social determinants of moral development.
Dr. Daniel's research expertise includes children and adolescent's value development from middle childhood to adulthood. She examines changes in the importance, structure, and understanding of values across this long developmental period. Dr. Daniel also examines precursors of value development, and the role of cognition and morality in predicting value importance. She is especially interested in the role of the social environment in promoting positive values, and examines the contributions of the family, the culture, the school, and life events. Alongside the study of values, she investigates the development of moral behavior, moral understanding and moral emotions.


  • 2014–2021
    Assistant Professor, Tel Aviv University
  • 2011–2014
    Post Doctoral Fellow, Univesity of Toronto