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Emily Diane Sprowls

PhD Student, Faculty of Education, McGill University

My lifelong engagement with formal and informal environmental education has lead me to research the impacts of collaborative learning among students, teachers and environmental scientists. After my master’s work on marine conservation education in Colombia, I spent 15 years learning from my wonderful high school science students in Indiana and Connecticut, USA. I have enjoyed working with the National School Reform Faculty in collaboration with teachers from Michigan to Mexico. Now, I am excited to learn from the very environmentally engaged youth in Quebec. I help with science outreach for the Brun microbiology lab at the Université de Montréal. Outside of school, I enjoy volunteering in my community garden and watching my sons play soccer.


  • 2019–2020
    Research Associate, Université de Montréal
  • 2019–2020
    Research Assistant, McGill Faculty of education
  • 2009–2019
    International Facilitator, National School Reform Faculty
  • 2007–2018
    Secondary Science Teacher, Harmony School


  • 2003 
    Yale University, MESc


  • 2020
    Collaborative learning tools to foster inclusive participation and sense of belonging in a microbiology outreach partnership, Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education