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University Senior Lecturer, University of Cambridge

My current main research interest is the (re-)emerging development cooperation partners (also called 'new' or non-DAC donors, including China, South Africa, Brazil etc), especially India. 'From Recipients to Donors: Emerging Powers and the Changing Development Landscape' (Zed) was published in 2012. I am interested in critically evaluating the challenges and opportunities that accompany the growing role and visibility of these 're-emerging' development actors.

My research includes a DFID-funded project looking at how domestic audiences within China, India, Russia, Poland and South Africa perceive their development cooperation activities; work on Trilateral/Triangular Development Cooperation, as one part of new global development partnerships; and a nascent project on how civil society organisations are responding to the rapidly changing development landscape. I am keen to encourage interested Masters/PhD students to apply to work with me on the (re)emerging donors and development partners.

Past research has included:

Development politics, including work on the World Bank's World Development Reports; development NGOs; the US's Millennium Challenge Account; and the impacts and representations of China and India's deepening relations with Africa.

How India's growing middle classes experience and construct environmental change. Research issues include how they attribute and explain agency, cause and consequence; implications for the poor and marginalised; and implications for environmental politics and environmental trends in India.

Environmental issues in India more broadly, including environmental and regional politics in Uttarakhand, and the contested issues around Hinduism, the Hindu Right, and environmental ideas and practices.


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    University Senior Lecturer, University of Cambridge