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Erich S. Volschenk

Senior Research Associate, Murdoch University

Professionally I wear two hats: primarily as an Environmental Consultant (Short-range endemic invertebrates), and secondarily as research associate at WA Museum and Murdoch University. I am an invertebrate biologist specialising in arachnids and myriapods. I have been studying the scorpions of Australia for over 20 years and am Australia's leading scorpion taxonomist. I also work on pdeudoscorpions when time permits. For the last 10 years, I've also been researching the diversity of soil centipedes (geophilomorpha) and cryptic centipedes (Cryptopidae). In addition to systematic research, I do adhoc research on terrestrial salt lake invertebrates. Most of my research is oriented around systematics and I use both molecular and morphological data to infer phylogenies.


  • –present
    Senior Research Associate, Murdoch University


  • 2001 
    Curtin University (Bentley), PhD, Zoology
  • Perth, Western Australia
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