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PhD Candidate, Centre for Compassionate Conservation, University of Technology Sydney

Esty Yanco is currently pursuing a PhD in Socio-ecology at the Centre for Compassionate Conservation (CfCC) at University of Technology Sydney, Australia. Following veterinary nursing training in the United States and abroad, Esty shifted her focus from rehabilitating injured wildlife to addressing sources of common wildlife injuries. She received her Masters in Science in Conservation Medicine, an emerging field that approaches wildlife health and conservation issues holistically by integrating all aspects of animal, human, and environmental health into a comprehensive discipline, from Tufts University (USA) in 2017.
Inspired by her conservation medicine background, Esty is now pursuing a PhD that explores the ecological and production benefits from Wildlife-Friendly Farming practices around the world and the ways in which personal values drive coexistence with wildlife. Wildlife-Friendly Farming methods are being pursued in various ways under different contexts, but so far, scientists have been unable to reach a consensus regarding the benefits of such practices for local ecologies, communities, and agricultural industries. As part of the CfCC’s goal to test the efficacy of Wildlife-Friendly Farming practices, Esty brings her holistic conservation medicine background to the CfCC with a project that explores the One Health benefits of non-lethal farming practices worldwide.